South Dakota Goldbacks will feature beautiful images and symbolism representing notable features of South Dakota. Sign up to be notified the moment they are released!

South Dakota Goldbacks will feature the following:
– .999 24K gold (1/1000, 5/1000, 10/1000, 25/1000, and 50/1000 oz)
– Legal tender in certain states
– Assigned a unique serial number
– Security features on the reverse (negative image)

The Goldback is the world’s first voluntary currency to be made of a spendable, beautiful, small denomination, physical gold.

When the Utah Legal Tender Act passed in 2011, the state became the first in recent times to recognize certain forms of gold as legal tender. Gold once again established a level of official recognition as money.

Since then the technology for minting physical gold into a spendable form for small transactions has developed. The makers use cutting edge vacuum deposition technology to layer each bill with .999 fine gold in exacting quantities. Goldback bills carry a precise amount of pure gold between layers of polyester which makes them resilient and durable.

Goldbacks can be, and are, used for barter transactions with anyone who recognizes the value of gold.

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