1 gram Gold Buffalo Aurum Note – One Thousand Milligrams (Bison, 24K)


  • Contains 1 gram (0.03215 oz) of .999 fine Gold.
  • Face: Each note features the American Bison in the center accompanied with an intrinsic design throughout. Above reads, 1000 Milligrams on each of the top corner with Made in the United Sates of America Below reads. 24k Gold on each of the bottom corners.
  • Not legal tender.
  • Made in the United States.

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This new and innovative way to own Gold allows you to diversify your wealth at an affordable price point! Add this 1 gram Gold note to your cart today!

These unique notes include a precise amount of Gold between layers of durable polyester. In this form, Gold is more convenient, affordable, versatile and trustworthy than ever before.

Using a proprietary process, very thin and precise quantities of Gold are accumulated between layers of polyester film. The Gold is 404 nm thick, approximately one percent of the width of a human hair. The precise quantity of Gold is verified through rigorous testing by the manufacturer and independent laboratories.

When Gold is in such thin sheets, it is easier to authenticate than Gold hidden within a coin or bar. Each of these notes is printed with high resolution, full-color text and graphics. The result is a new, beautiful way to use Gold for artistic, commemorative and branding purposes.


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