Wyoming Goldbacks

Wyoming Goldbacks will be available in late 2021
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In 2019, UPMA designed and created the Utah Goldback using the Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011. A became a gold-backed currency that businesses and customers would be comfortable using. Currently, Utah has over 125 merchants accepting goldback as payment. UPMA expects even more to join in the near future.

Anyone can buy Wyoming Goldbacks from a variety of distributors listed on the goldback.com website. Goldback is a volunteer currency in Utah, Nevada, New Hampshire, and soon-to-be Wyoming. Though, the goldback may not be volunteer currencies in other jurisdictions, goldback can easily be used as a bartering tool.

If a customer wants to use goldbacks to complete a purchase, the following will be done:

Merchants will look up it’s exchange rate fiat value at goldback.com.
Merchants and customers use the daily exchange rate to determine their fiat rate.
The customer will receive excess change.

Some goldback purchasers choose to save their goldbacks to replace their cash under the mattress, others put them in their emergency packs, or use as tips/gifts. Whatever intended purpose, all agree that sound money is preferred over paper currency. Anyone who has worked long, hard days will appreciate real gold in their hands, knowing it will not devalue.

Join us in ushering in sound money to the state of Wyoming. We are happy to offer the Wyoming GoldBack for Sale. Remember to sign up to be notified when the Wyoming Goldback become available.

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